128 Mind Blowing SEO Statistics For 2020 And Beyond!

SEO is the process of optimizing your website in such a way that it shows up in the SERPs.

How much SEO is important, we all know very well.

But the problem is SEO is changing rapidly. New and new researches and facts reveal about SEO every year.

If you want to get success with SEO then it is important to keep an eye on these facts and statistics.

I compiled a list of SEO statistics and facts that will help you to get some valuable knowledge that will help you in your SEO journey.

The article will cover :

  1. General SEO Facts and Statistics
  2. Google Search Engine Statistics
  3. Mobile SEO Statistics
  4. Local SEO Statistics
  5. Social Media Marketing and SEO
  6. Content Marketing and SEO
  7. Voice Search and SEO

So let’s dive into it.

  1. SEO gives a 14.6% conversion rate as compared to traditional direct mail and print ads that give 1.7%. Crazy Egg
  2. 50% of all search terms have 4 or more words. Search South
  3. 93% of all online experiences start with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I’m Forza
  4. In the United States, the SEO industry is reaching $80 billion in this year 2020. Forbes
  5. 75% of the users never scroll other than the first page. HubSpot
  6. 21% of the users click multiple results. SMA Marketing
  7. Shopping sites get 10 folds more traffic from search than social media. Search Engine Land
  8. As compared to PPC, SEO gives 20 times more traffic on both desktop and mobiles. Moz
  9. It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, the search engine users reach to 239.1 million in 2020. Statista
  10. The percentage for searches that didn’t click any result is 50.33%. Sparktoro
  11. Image searches comprise 20.45% of online searches. Sparktoro
  12. Growing organic presence and improving SEO is the top priority in inbound marketing for 61% of marketers. HubSpot
  13. In the case of organic desktop listing, the first result gets 19.3% of the clicks, while in the case of mobile listing, the first result gets 27.7% of the clicks. SEO Clarity
  14. If your site load time takes an extra two seconds, then your visitor’s bounce rate increased by 50%. Junto
  15. 70–80% of people like to access search engine results and ignore paid advertising. Junto
  16. 97% of consumers use the internet to learn more about a company. Safari Digital
  17. All websites get 51% of traffic through organic search, 5% from social media, 34% from other sources and 10% from PPC. Search Engine Journal
  18. More than 40% of your company revenue can come through organic traffic, depending on the nature of your industry. Semgeeks
  19. The results on the first page have an average of 1890 words. Marijuana SEO
  20. 81% of consumers search the internet before making a big buying decision. Marijuana SEO
  21. 97% of the results on the first page contain at least one image. Super watch
  22. More than 1.7 billion websites are present on Google, according to 2019 statistics. Internetlivestat
  23. 90.88% of pages get no traffic from search engines. WNIP
  24. 12.29% of search terms contain featured snippets. Search Engine Land
  1. Google ads are ignored by 80 percent of the visitors. Marijuana SEO
  2. Google holds the largest market share of 74.75% as compared with Bing 9.55%, Baidu 9.88%, and Yahoo 3.07%. Net Market Share
  3. Google receives more than 5.5 billion searches per day. Internet Live Stats
  4. Google receives, on average, 63000 searches per second. SEO Tribunal
  5. The total market value of Google is $739 billion. SEO Tribunal
  6. Google receives 15% of the searches that are not performed before. SEL
  7. Google helps sites to get 44% of the referral traffic. Quint Digital
  8. Google received more than 2 trillion searches in the year 2019. Internet Live Stats
  9. Google’s annual revenue is $32.4 billion. Marijuana SEO
  10. There are over 200 ranking factors that Google search algorithm uses. Backlinko
  11. Google searches, on average, last in less than a minute. Marijuana SEO
  12. Each month over 1 billion people use Google. Business Insider
  13. Around 80% of Google search algorithms use off-page SEO factors for ranking. WebFX
  14. 130 trillion web pages were taken into account by Google in 2016. Marijuana SEO
  15. Google receives 40 to 60 billion searches each month from the U.S alone. Small Biz Genius
  16. Google searches, on average, last in less than a minute. Marijuana SEO
  17. Google’s annual revenue is $134.81 billion in 2019. Statista
  18. Search queries that use the term “is_worth it?” show 80 percent increase, and with “_ to avoid” format shows a 150% increase. Marijuana SEO
  19. Searches for Google Maps accounted for 13%. Hubspot
  1. It is expected that U.S. mobile phone users will reach 221 million in 2020. Statista
  2. 51% of the consumer’s trust sites that are optimized for mobile. Green Geeks
  3. Mobile devices constitute 60% of the total Google searches. Statista
  4. In 2021 it is expected that e-commerce sales through mobile devices make 54% of total sales. BigCommerce
  5. There is a higher chance that 69% of mobile phone users buy from companies whose sites quickly answer their queries. Think With Google
  6. Poorly designed websites are not recommended by 57% of consumers to their peers. Omnicore Agency
  7. Mobile optimized sites have an ideal loading time of 5s or less. Think With Google
  8. In 2019, 52% of all the global online traffic was contributed by mobile and 45% by desktop. Stat Counter
  9. Mobile queries “where to buy” + “near me” show a 200% increase in the last 2 years. Google
  10. And “Best” + “right now” shows a 125% increase in the last two years. Google
  11. Social networks users spend one in every 5 minutes on mobile phones while one in every six-minute online. Google
  12. 50% of the consumers who used mobile phones for local search visited the store in 24 hours. Search Engine Land
  13. 30% of the mobile searches on Google are related to location intent. Think With Google
  14. Mobile searches that result in no click are 61%, while that of the desktop is only 33.7%. Blue Coron
  15. Mobile searches resulted in 73 billion calls in 2018. Marijuana SEO
  16. 43% of prospects in the store do an online search from their mobile phone. Safari Digital
  17. It is expected that in 2021 mobile devices replace the desktop for online sales. Safari Digital
  18. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then 40% of the mobile visitors leave that site. Marijuana SEO
  19. Mobile is the primary buying tool for 35% of shoppers. Serpwatch
  20. Google search engine has a 92.1% share in the U.S. mobile search market. Statista
  1. “Near me” searches are conducted by 82% of the shoppers. Uberall
  2. “List of products” is an essential feature of mobile sites. Business Apps
  3. Internet users like to use search engines to find a local business. Emarketer
  4. 46% of Google searches have local intent. SEO Roundtable
  5. Business listings on Google are not claimed by 56% of the local retailers. SEO Expert Brad
  6. Bing listings are not claimed by 82% of the businesses. Local Marketing Institute
  7. 91% of consumers are more likely to use a business with positive reviews. Bright Local
  8. 64% of consumers used “Google My Business for finding local business contact information. Brightlocal
  9. 72% of the consumers visit stores in the 5-mile range in their current location after local search. Junto
  10. 28% of searches with local intent end up buying. Safari Digital
  11. 78% of searches with local intent result in offline sales. Safari Digital
  12. The average close rate for local searches is 80%. Web Fx
  13. Local Businesses that show up on the first page of search engine results are selected by 92% of the people. Marijuana SEO
  14. 80% of people like ads that are targeted to their location. Marijuana SE
  15. Within 24 hours, 18% of the searches result in a purchase. CodeInWP
  1. Social media drive 5 % of the website’s traffic. BrightEdge
  2. Facebook is responsible for 61% of the website’s social traffic. SearchEnginePeople
  3. Every day over 2 billion searches performed on Facebook. Search Engine People
  4. 74% of businesses and 82% of marketing agencies have some social media strategies. Marijuana SEO
  5. It is more likely that adults between 18–34 follow a brand on social platforms. Marketing Sherpa
  6. Marketers see improvements in their SEO after using social media for at least a year. Marijuana SEO
  7. Over 50 million small businesses are using Facebook to connect with their buyers. DreamGrow
  8. More than 50% of the marketers who are using social media for at least two years claim that it helped them to generate more sales. Market Scale
  9. Like backlinks, social media links are not the same. Safari Digital
  10. Companies that maintain an engaging presence on social media platforms get 40% more money from their customers. Marijuana SEO
  11. Before making a buying decision, 86% of the women review products on social media platforms. Marijuana SEO
  1. 27% of the worldwide population is using mobile phones for voice search. The Webmaster
  2. Word counts for the voice search results is on average, 2,312 words. Backlinko
  3. Featured snippets are responsible for 40.7% of answers to voice search. Backlinko
  4. It is expected that by 2020 half of the searches online will be voice searches. Quoracreative
  5. In 2020 30% of all the searches are done without using screen means voice searches. Gartner
  6. The smart speakers owned U.S. households will be expected to be 55% by 2020. OC&C Strategy Consultants
  7. In 2017 35.6 million Americans were using voice-activated assistant devices at least once a week and it is expected to show an increase of 128.9%. eMarketer
  8. As compared to text-based searches, mobile voice-related searches are three times more likely to be local. Wordstream
  9. On Google’s mobile app and android devices, 20 percent of all the search terms are voice searches. Traff1k
  10. Voice search queries have increased by 3400% between 2008 and 2017. Engaging Partners
  11. The Voice recognition accuracy of Google is 92%. Engaging Partners
  12. 90% of the consumers use voice assistants on their mobile and 41% of them say they use it every day. Search Engine Land
  13. Consumers who own smart speakers are 61%, where 51% of consumers use them every day while 29% use once a week. SearchEngineLand
  14. Voice searchers claim, they use voice search 88% of the time for driving directions. Chatmeter
  15. Apple, Google, Amazon, and other manufacturing companies shipped 16.8 million voice search devices. Quora Creative
  16. 65% of People between the ages of 25 to 49 years speak in their voice-enabled devices once every day. Online Marketing Gurus
  17. In quarter 3 of 2018, smart speaker shipping increased by up to 200%. Online Marketing Gurus
  18. In the year 2022, voice is expected to be worth $40 billion channel. Online Marketing Gurus
  1. As compared to paid search content marketing brings 3 times more leads. Content Marketing Institute
  2. In the year 2019, content creation was the most effective SEO technique for bringing results. Digital GYD
  3. 72% of the marketers say relevant content is the most critical variable for enhancing SEO. Brafton
  4. Websites who create content get 434% more page indexing than those who didn’t have updated content. Content Marketing Institute
  5. Around 38% of the marketers publish fresh content once in every week. Slide Share
  6. Among all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is an 82% effective platform for delivering content and engaging audience. Slide Share
  7. 25% of marketers did not outsource their content creation. Slide share
  8. Blogging is at #1 in content marketing techniques. Slide Share
  9. 56% of companies want to increase the budget for content creation. Siege Media
  10. Articles on blogs that contain images get 94% more views than those that didn’t. Jeff Bullas
  11. A content marketing strategy can increase your traffic by 2000% and revenue by 40%. Marketing Sherpa
  12. High-quality content and link building are important factors that Google uses to rank sites. Moz
  13. 57% of marketers consider on-page content creation as a beneficial technique for SEO. Content Marketing Institute
  14. 43% of the blog post readers skim through the post. Impact
  15. Marketers can experience 13 times more positive ROI if they use blogging. Hubspot
  16. Companies that have blogs get 97% more links to their sites. Impact
  17. Companies that publish 16 or more blogs per month bring 250% more traffic than companies who publish 4 to 5 times. Constant Content
  18. Blogs are considered a trustworthy source of information in the U.S. by 81% of consumers. Marketpath
  19. 47% of customers access 3 to 5 pieces of content before talking to a salesperson. Junto
  20. 75% of marketers outsource content creation tasks to agencies. Marijuana SEO

I think you get valuable information from this article. SEO is an ever-changing concept, and you need to gain knowledge about its changing environment. Facts and statistics give an overview of what variables are relevant in SEO and what is not.

If you’ve any interesting facts about SEO, then share in the comments.

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