9 Highest Paid Youtubers Making Millions Each Year

Including two kids.

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YouTube is a giant of video content. It is by far the second biggest search engine after Google, with 3.5 billion searches each month and 2 billion users.

In 2009 when YouTube started allowing YouTubers to show ads on their videos and monetize their channels, it gained popularity. People around the world began creating their YouTube channels to earn some living.

According to statistics, there are over 37 million YouTube channels in 2020. Every minute of the day, 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. The last year’s 2019 YouTube channels grew by 23%.

If we come to YouTubers earning, then it varies for each YouTubers. Some are making just a few bucks, while others are generating a full-time income.

Another third type of YouTubers includes those making big crazy money. They don’t earn hundreds and thousands of dollars but millions of dollars each year and sometimes in a single month. Their channels have millions of subscribers with millions of views each month.

Richard Tyler Blevins (Ninja)

It is a gaming YouTube channel owned by Richard Tyler Blevins. He was born on 5 Jun 1991 in Detroit, America. Richard is a professional Gamer, writer, actor, Internet streamer, and YouTuber. He has a book that guides about gaming.

His YouTube channel has 24.3 million subscribers and 1246 videos. He usually gets 200K to 1M views on a single video, but some go viral with 2 to 3M views.

Each month he easily generates between $500K and $1M, while his net worth is $25 million. He earned 10M pounds in the year 2018. Richard is famous for running games, Fortnite and Blevins.

He is also cracking on Instagram with 14.6 million followers.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a 32 years old Canadian YouTuber, actress, comedian, and TV host. She uploads mostly comedy videos on his channel.

Lilly has 14.9 million subscribers with 807 videos and the channel ranks at 19. She charges around $65000 for sponsorship posts and earns around 1 to 2 million each year. His net worth is $16 million.

On Instagram, with 4553 posts, she has 9.6 million followers and runs a blog with the name Lilly Singh Book.

Ryan Kaji (Ryan World)

Ryan Kaji is a 9-year-old child and runs a children’s YouTube channel. He was born in 2011 in Texas, USA.

He has 27.3M subscribers as of Dec 2020 with 1861 videos. His YouTube channel name is Ryan’s world. He is one of the wealthiest children in the world.

His YouTube channel entertainment rank is 26th in the world while 33rd in the USA. He gets an average of 768 million views in Nov 2020. He is making between 1 to $3M each month.

His net worth is over $100M. He earned $26M from YouTube in the year 2019 and eighth highest-paid YouTuber. One of his most popular videos “Huge eggs surprise” got 2 billion views. In the last 30 days, his videos got 780 million views. His website is www.Ryan.world. He uploads videos about childhood toys, games, and unboxing.

Preston Arsement (TBNRFrags)

Another YouTube giant has four YouTube channels, with over 32 million followers and thousands of videos. Preston is a 25-year-old young man who loves video games.

According to Forbes, he is the sixth highest-paid YouTuber in the 2019 ranking.

He was born in May 1994 in Texas, USA. He launched his gaming channel TBNR frags in 2010, and after two years, he launched another channel Preston Playz.

His net worth is $25M. He gets 70.732 million views in the last 30 days, according to the social blade. He earns near to $5M each year.

Team (Dude perfect)

Dude, perfect is in the top row of those YouTubers with the most subscribers to their channels. He has 54.3 million subscribers with only 248 videos.

Dude, perfect is a team of 5 high school friends, and their focus is sports. Most of their videos are sponsored, but they achieved massive success with their intelligent mindset and little work.

They earn from YouTube by displaying ads on their videos and from their Dude Perfect App. Their three most popular videos got 348M, 296M, and 289M views. They publish around one video in three weeks but do fantastic work.

Dude perfect has a net worth of $30M. They earn around $13 M each year from YouTube, which comes down to a little over 1million bucks per month.

Anastasia Radizinskaya (Like Nastya)

His full name is Anastasia Radizinskaya, and she is a 6years old kid born on 24 January 2014 in Russia now lives in Florida.

She runs 11 YouTube channels with the help of his father. Most popular ones include Like Nastya, Like Nastya Show, Like Nastya ESP, Like Nastya Vlog, Like Nastya AE, and Like Nastya PRT, and others.

All the channels amounted to have over 173 million subscribers — one of the top followed YouTubers. At like Nastya, he has over 47 billion views in total.

He gained this success in just four years, starting in 2016. It’s crazy.

Like Nastya, has 65 million followers and 513 videos. Most of his videos are in the English language. She makes videos on comedy and daily life activities. The most popular three videos got 853M, 617M, and 571M views.

He makes 18 million USD each year. He generates around $1.5M in revenue each month from YouTube.

John Green (Vlog Brothers)

John was born on Aug 24, 1977, in Indiana. He has two professions, YouTuber and author. His famous novels include Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars.

He and his brother Hank Green runs several YouTube channels, including Vlog Brothers and Crash Course, with over $14M subscribers. More than 5000 videos uploaded on their channels.

His net worth is $17M. Both brothers make over a million dollars each year from their channels — John Green is also on the list of highest-paid authors.

Jeffrey Lynn (Jeffree Star)

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr was born on Nov 15, 1985. She is a professional entrepreneur, YouTuber, make-up artist, and singer. She runs a YouTube channel name “Jeffree Star,” which has 16.9 million subscribers and 386 videos.

On Jeffree Star, she uploads videos about make-up, cosmetics, and funny videos. She gets 14 million views each month on his videos and makes around $650K each year.

Aside from YouTube, runs other side businesses. His website name is Jeffree star cosmetics, with 1M unique monthly views. His net worth is $17 M.

Daniel Middleton (Dan TDM)

Who says games are just wasting your valuable time?

Daniel Middleton, a game lover, is another example. He was born on 8 Nov 1991 in England and ran a YouTube channel name Dan TDM with 24.2M subscribers and 3445 videos.

Daniel has already covered games, including Pokemon, Roblox, and Minecraft.

Dan TDM gets around 120 million views per month. Daniel earns $5 million each year from YouTube. He earns from YouTube ads and sponsorships for showing other companies and advertisers videos.

According to BBC news, his net worth is 12.3 million pounds, nearly $16.5 million.

Key takeaways

Earning such huge money on YouTube is not a cup of tea. Above YouTubers invested years of time and hard work.

Today a huge sea of competition is present on YouTube. In 2020 and onwards, it is going difficult day by day to succeed on YouTube. Why the above 9 YouTubers are so successful is because they produce quality and unique content.

If you want to become a successful YouTuber, work your ace while investing time and doing hard work. You also need to learn and use technical tools and techniques like YouTube SEO and video editing tools to get more visibility.



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